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EU Wants To Regulate Cultivation Of All Fruits And Vegetables

  27 April 2013. The EU wants to regulate cultivation of all fruits and vegetables … even in private gardens! The Regulation on Marketing of Plant Reproductive Material goes before the EU Commision on May 6th 2013. The EC wants to impose on farmers and gardeners in the future the...



  Sourdough is probably the first agent to be used for bread fermentation. Egyptian written records show that it was used approximately 1500 BC – and we know that cereals have been used for 10,000 already. Egyptians milled grains, mixed them with water and the resulting paste was dried over...


Sourdough recipe

  Sourdough is the natural blend of bacteria and yeasts that is used for bread dough fermentation. It can be used in place of fresh and dried bakers yeast. Ingredients: 900 ml water 150 g white wheat flour 75 g wholemeal wheat flour 75 g rye flour If possible, obtain...


16 September

  1893 – Biochemist Albert Szent-Gyorgyi was born. He is known for researching cell combustion and isolation of vitamin C. back to calendar  

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Puzzlabel # 3

  The ingredients on the food label of a packaged food are the following: sugar raisins 19% cocoa butter hazelnut 13% dried cream 11% cocoa whole milk powder 3,5% whey powder milk sugar emulgator: soya lecithin natural vanilla aroma What food is this? You can answer using the contact form!

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Gerson Therapy

  German physician Max Gerson (1881 – 1959) developed a therapy that provides a solution to most of the diseases that we find today in the Western world. His therapy is based on hiper-alimentation of the body and cleanse of the toxins. Gerson is considered by many the father of...

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Puzzlabel # 2

  Welcome to Nutrition’s Puzzlabel! Here are the constituents of one food package: water glucose-fructose syrup carbon dioxide colorant: E150d acidity regulator: phosphoric acid natural aromas (including caffeine) What food is this? Puzzlabel solved! It’s a nonalcoholic carbonated drink Coca-cola. The key ingredients that can lead us to the right...

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Puzzlabel # 1

  We are starting with our first quiz Puzzlabel! Can you tell what food is this? The ingredients listed on the food label od one packaged food are: wheat grits 69% honey 13% sugar starch vitamins (thiamin-monohydrate, riboflavin, pyridoxine, L-ascorbic acid, DL-alpha tocopherol acetate, folic acid, nicotinamide) aroma vaniline What...