Monthly Archive: August 2015


Food, TTIP and much more

  Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership TTIP is the largest trade agreement in history between the United States and the European Union, which has been negotiated from July 2013. The purpose of the partnership is the subordination of the national laws to the norms of free trade that have been...


Body fat percentage

  There are several types of fat in the human body. For example, we have visceral fat, subcutaneous fat, etc.. Visceral fat is closely linked with certain diseases. What is body fat percentage? It is the total body fat mass relative to the total weight, and it is expressed as...


Kale chips

  Kale is rich in vitamins, minerals and chlorophyll. Here we give an idea how to make your own extremely healthy version of chips. As for the spices, you can use the one that you love, garlic, paprika flakes, or add chilly powder if you like spicy food. Ingredients a...