Monthly Archive: January 2016


Lentil and mushroom cannelloni

  Ingredients for two servings 10 pieces of cannelloni pasta 6 tsp brown lentils ½ cup chopped mushrooms ¼ cup fresh porcini mushrooms 10 spoons of tomato sauce grated cheese for sprinkling salt and pepper oil onion powder, garlic powder Preparation Wash the lentils, cover with water, add a pinch...


Glucose syrup

  Glucose syrup is a purified aqueous solution of nutritive saccharides obtained from edible starches having a dextrose equivalent greater than 20. It is primarily a food industry ingredient, belongs into starch hydrolysates or starch syrups. To produce glucose syrup, starch granules are extracted from vegetable raw materials (mostly corn,...


Puzzlabel # 8

  The ingredients on the food label of a packaged food are the following: wheat flour raisins sultanas 13% sugar candied orange peels 8,9% (orange peel, glucose-fructose syrup, sugar) margarine (oils and vegtable fat(palm), water) natural yeast (wheat flour, vater) egg yolks emulsifiers: mono- and diglyceries of fatty acids glucose...