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Nutrition at Nutricionizam.com is a web site with the main topic on science of nutrition, food, diet and health. The website in Croatian language was founded in 2002, and is currently being translated to English.

I write about food, modern food production, labels and ingredients, human nutrition studies, current food problems and how to be creative in cooking food to get the max out of it. – Marinela Šajina

Marinela Šajina, B.Sc. human nutrition

Marinela Šajina, founder of Nutricionizam.com, graduated from the Faculty of Food Technology and Biotechnology, University of Zagreb, Croatia. Already since her student days she was actively interested in writing and transmitting of knowledge in this very interesting science field. She has written articles for numerous Croatian print magazines and Internet portals, and today works as a lecturer of nutrition courses at Ustanova Magistra (Croatia). She is particularly interested in food constituents, modern food production, as well as all the “extra” ingredients from pesticides to additives that modern food production brings to consumers, and who are certainly not of nutrition character. She is also interested in organic food, mostly plant foods, and perceives cooking as a challenge in today’s lack of time for nutritious meals. Personally, for moral reasons, she is vegetarian. She believes that global corporations with their subordinate polititians took over the production of food and that people themselves must fight to obtain health.

When I analyze the sinister Kissinger’s statement that whoever controls the food – controls the people, it becomes crystal clear that food and drink are tools to control our bodies, health, and the mind. Who can say for himself that he/she really knows agricultural production and food industry when our food is so much globalized? Can we trust the standards set by those industries? Hippocrates was a visionary of the present age when he said: If you do not know anything about food, how can you understand human diseases? Therefore I consider this website important as a compilation of facts and independent opinions about food. – Marinela Šajina


All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.
Edmund Burke



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Marinela Šajina, author