Recipes containing cereals: corn, oats, rice, rye, wheat

mutigrain breakfast cereals (bought in store)

oat flakes, rolled oats

rice – brown

rice – white


Also recipes containing pseudocereals: buckwheat, and quinoa




Recipes ingredients
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  List of all used ingredients in our recipes: A   apple   avocado B   baker’s yeast   banana   berries (currants, blueberries, raspberries, strawberries)   bread   broccoli   ...
Rice and spinach patties
views 2086
  Leftover cooked rice or vegetable risotto can be used prepare patties. This recipe uses a zucchini risotto and frozen spinach. Ingredients cooked rice or cooked vegetable ris...
Buckwheat granola
views 1683
  Granola is a combination of grains, dried seeds, fruits and sweeteners, and usually eaten for breakfast with the addition of milk. This recipe instead uses buckwheat instead of cer...
Yogurt and cereals
views 1630
  Combine a yogurt, your favorite breakfast cereals and blueberries for a great breakfast. Ingredients 1 cup of vanilla yogurt 1/2 cup breakfast cereals 4 tablespoons of blue...
Almond breakfast “cereals”
views 1563
  If you use to make almond milk at home, maybe you might not have an idea what to do with the residual pulp. Except for making almond flour, it is possible to make a dry "cereal" fo...

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