Clove against mosquitoes


Did you know that many insect repellents contain clove essential oil as one of the active ingredients? Make your own repellent against annoying mosquitoes. It will also help against ants and fleas, and contains no harmful chemicals in the body.

Recipe 1


1/2 liters of alcohol
100 grams of whole cloves
100 ml baby oil


Leave the cloves in alcohol for four days, stir every morning and evening. After four days add the baby oil to the obtained extract.
Gently rub a few drops on the skin. The extract also repels fleas from pets.
If you do not have baby oil, you can use almond, sesame, chamomile or lavender oil.

Here is the finished product in a small bottle.
The oil will gradually float to the surface, so shake well before use to obtain a fine emulsion.



Recipe 2


essential clove oil
distilled water


In a small spray bottle, combine one teaspoon of clove oil with ten teaspoons of distilled water.
Give the bottle a good shake and then spray away.
Undiluted clove oil is very strong, do not apply it directly on the skin. You must always dilute the oil.


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