Gerson Therapy


German physician Max Gerson (1881 – 1959) developed a therapy that provides a solution to most of the diseases that we find today in the Western world. His therapy is based on hiper-alimentation of the body and cleanse of the toxins. Gerson is considered by many the father of nutritional detoxification that is quite popular lately.

Gerson himself suffered from extremely painful migraines, especially at a time when he was doing his internship. His colleagues doctors could not offer him a solution, except some consolation that migraine probably would stop about the age of fifty. Gerson could not accept this, so he started looking for a solution. Digging through literature he found a work where a woman mentioned that she cured herself from migraine with a change in diet – and so dr. Gerson began his research. He discovered lately that his migraine disappeared by switching to a vegetarian diet without salt.

Dr. Gerson gave the same restrictive diet to his patients suffering from migraine, with the same results – the illness disappeared. Some of the patients healed other diseases (eg. Lupus), and Gerson with his colleague Sauerbruch started a study on 450 patients. They healed a total of 446 patients, among the many cured there was the wife of Dr. Albert Schweitzer. Schweitzer was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize 1952., and Gerson cured his diabetes too.

Dr. Gerson soon realized that his diet cures many diseases, with promotion of metabolism and strengthening of the immune system, which leads to self-healing. After several successful and unsuccessful treatments of patients with cancer, Garson started testing the use of enemas. At the verge of the World War II dr. Gerson had to escape from the Nazis, he found himself in the U.S., but lost almost all of the collected scientific data.

By working in the States Gerson soon discovers that the liver is particularly affected in people suffering from cancer (interestingly, during his time cancer was a disease of the elderly, while in the last hundred years it appears in much younger individuals). Gerson’s rate of treatment cancers was about 30% and most of his patients were terminal patients given up by traditional medicine.

Gerson opened a clinic where he worked for years, wrote papers, but sadly medical journals refused to publish them. A year before his death in 1958. he published his last book, where he described the treatment of 50 patients with cancer: “A Cancer Therapy: Results of 50 Cases”.

Gerson’s daughter Charlotte, who worked at the clinic, said that her father was poisoned. Charlotte’s thesis is supported by forensic findings – the examination of dr. Gerson’s urine showed traces of arsenic. Charlotte believes that dr. Gerson died of pneumonia which was the result of poisoning. The medical establishment says that he died of lung cancer.

Charlotte Gerson today, a very active 90-year woman, which continues to popularize the work of her father by publishing books, videos and giving public lectures. She runs the Gerson Institute in San Diego, California ( Currently there are two licensed centers to treat patients using Gerson therapy, Baja Nutri Care near Tijuana, Mexico and Gerson Health Centre near Budapest in Hungary (

On May 14. 2005. Max Gerson was introduced into the Hall of Fame of the International Society of orthomolecular medicine.


Gerson Therapy

The therapy is basically vegan, but certain animal supplements are used too. Gerson does not use sprouts, wheat juice and soybeans. Patients do not drink water. The only types of oils used are linseed oil and castor oil. The most important element of the diet are fresh squeezed juices: apple-carrot, carrots, orange juice and green juice (lettuce, cabbage, etc.). The patients drink 13 glasses of fresh juice, the food is mostly raw, only a small portion is thermally processed. During the day, patients eat the “Hippocrates Soup” which has great power of detoxification.

Along with diet this method applies coffee enemas that allow liver detoxification and have a key role in the recovery from illness.

Gerson therapy uses natural substances: potassium salt (in solution), injections of raw animal liver, degreased liver powder, Lugol, thyroid pills, vitamins niacine and cobalamine, digestive enzymes pancreatin and pepsin, coenzyme Q10 and defatted colostrum. Injections of amygdaline are also used.

Source:, magazine “Svjetlost”

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