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Glutamate toxicity

  A body of evidence suggests that the most used flavor enhancer, glutamate, which can be found in almost every processed food, is causing adverse effects within normal dietary ranges. The study published in the Journal of Headache Pain reveals that a single dose of monosodium glutamate (MSG) causes headache...


Subway will remove azodicarbonamide

  12 February 2014 – American blogger Vani Hari (foodbabe.com) supported by over 89,000 petition signatures* in one week, forced the world’s largest restaurant chain to remove the chemical azodicarbonamide from its bread (* signatures dated February 12, 2014). The food additive azodicarbonamide is allowed in the US by the...

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15 January

  2015 – The USDA approved the sale and planting of Monsanto’s genetically engineered dicamba tolerant soybeans and cotton. Dicamba is a broad spectrum herbicide, which is absorbed through leaves and enters all parts of the plants causing disruptions of balance in hormones needed for cell division, respiration and protein...

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22 January

  1865 – Wilbur Lincoln Scoville was born (22. January 1865. – 10 March 1942.), the American pharmacist devised a scale to standardize the intensity (spicy heat) of hot peppers, especially chili peppers. The scale was invented in 1912. and bears his name. back to calendar  

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26 January

  1904 – Ancel Benjamin Keys was born, American physiologist and nutritionist, is considered one of the most important scientists who contributed to modern epidemiologic study of cardiovascular disease. His name is closely associated with the American soldiers diet and the Mediterranean diet. back to calendar

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27 January

  1970 – James M. Schlatter from G. D. Searle & Co. received a patent for “Peptide Sweetening Agents” (U.S. No. 3,492,131), an invention which led to the marketing of aspartame under the name NutraSweet. Schlatter accidentally discovered the compound when picking up a paper, he had licked his finger....


2 February

  1939 – Mary-Dell Chilton was born. American gene scientist, was a researcher at Washington University, the founder and Distinguished Fellows of Syngenta Biotechnology where she still works today. In June 2013 Montagu become World Food Prize laureate with Robert Fraley (Monsanto) and Mary-Dell Chilton (Syngenta), as stated by the...

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Puzzlabel # 5

  The ingredients on the food label of a packaged food are the following: sweetener sorbitol gumbase (contains soy lecithin) sweetener isomalt aroma glazing agent calcium carbonate humectant glycerol thickener gum arabic sweeteners: mannitol, aspartame, aspartame-acesulfame salt, acesulfame-K color E171 glazing agent carnauba wax antioxidant E320 What food is this?...


Parsnip Cream Soup

  Parsnip is an aromatic and sweet root vegetable resembling carrot, it is extremely rich in vitamins, minerals and fiber. Try a cream soup with parsnips and leeks, which is an ideal low-calorie soup, and helps excretion of excess fluid. Ingredients 2 tablespoons butter 2 leeks 2 tablespoons olive oil...


28 February

  2013 – The German Bundestag voted that the right to water is not a human right! Liberal capitalism destroyed another civilisation achievement when most German representatives raised their hands for the law that rejected the right to water from the list of the basic human rights. The right to water...


Pickled bell peppers

  Learn now to easily pickle bell peppers that you can use to flavour and garnish many other dishes. Picked bell peppers can be stored for all winter season. Ingredients 3 kg of bell peppers (bell peppers, yellow or red) 1 liter of white vinegar 3 liters of water 80...


15 March

  The consumer movement led by Consumers International marks 15 March every year as the World Consumer Rights Day.   2005 – The Consumers International celebrated the “World Consumer Rights Day” with the theme “No to GMOs”, and proclaimed 2005 the year against GMOs because the vast majority of world...


20 March

  1985 – The “Great American Meatout” was launched on this day as a spontaneous protest against a US Senate resolution declaring the National Meat Week. Since then, the movement grew into one of the biggest spontaneous education campaigns. The first day of spring, March 20, symbolizes renewal and an...


Petition against the Award of the World Food Prize

  10 October 2013 – The Internet site “Sum Of Us” is collecting signatures against the award of this year’s World Food Prize. Earlier in June the U.S. State Department announced this year’s World Food Prize laureates, geneticists Robert Fraley, Marc Van Montagu and Mary-Dell Chilton. The Prize aims to...