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Winter honey for sore throat

  Prepare this honey to have at hand. During winter months it will be helpful in the treatment of sore throat. Ingredients lemon slices honey fresh ginger slices Preparation Combine lemon, honey and fresh ginger in a glass jar. Close the jar and place in the refrigerator, a thick gel...


Dandelion honey

  Dandelion is one of our most widespread weeds and meadow plants. It grows in large groups in meadows, lawns, parks, gardens, paths and hedges. It has been known as a medicinal plant, especially in folk medicine and it remained such to this day. Folk medicine uses the whole plant:...



  Recipes containing sugars: agave syrup, common table sugar, honey, maple syrup – can be exchanged in recipes agave syrup Buckwheat granola Cashew mayonnaise common table sugar – sucrose Bread with flaxseed Dandelion honey Pickled bell peppers Pizza dough Rolled buns with olive tapenade honey Chocolate granola Chocolate pralines Winter...