Monthly Archive: December 2014


Chocolate granola

  Rolled oats and a few more ingredients are used here to prepare a simple granola. Granola can be made using nuts and dried fruits, but this version uses only cocoa. Granola is served with fruits and milk for breakfast, as you like. Ingredients (for one baking sheet) 1 cup...


Water stories

  Persians have a legend, whose lesson looks like it is written for all of us, centuries after their time. We have received a clear message from the past: the one who controls water, will control all of us.   The Persian legend of water One wise man predicted that...


Iron overload

  Iron is an essential mineral to almost all life forms, including humans. It is the essential part of the molecules that bind oxygen (hemoglobin, myoglobin), cytochromes and many enzymes. Too little iron leads to feelings of weakness, reduced immunity and anemia, all conditions that can become dangerous if not...