Monthly Archive: April 2015



  Dicamba is a broad spectrum herbicide, which is absorbed through leaves and enters all parts of the plants causing disruptions of balance in hormones needed for cell division, respiration and protein synthesis. The plant dies within ten days. The DI-6 strain of the bacterium Pseudomonas maltophila which normally resides...



  The word diet derives from the Greek diaita which means life, living, lifestyle, food, residence; white the verb diaitein means to keep her alive, heal, feed and be fed. Diet is the prescribed way of life, type of nutrition prescribed by a doctor or other professional (nutritionist, dietician), total...



  Diphenylamine, DPA (CAS 122-39-4), is a substance used as antioxidant on apples, keeps them from turning brown for months when they are kept in storage. The chemical is used in USA, but banned in EU from 2012 (the maximal residue is set to 0,1 ppm). Diphenylamine isn’t harmful by...