28 February


2013 – The German Bundestag voted that the right to water is not a human right! Liberal capitalism destroyed another civilisation achievement when most German representatives raised their hands for the law that rejected the right to water from the list of the basic human rights.

The right to water is a civilization achievement adopted by the United Nations after World War II. Is this the beginning of the end of our civilization as we know it?


1901 – Linus Pauling was born, he was an American chemist, biochemist, peace activist, author, educator and double Nobel prize laureate. Among others advocate of healthy lifestyle.

He was the first scientist to develop statistical research for the harmful effects of smoking on health.

Linus Pauling stated: “If you want to live a miserable life, all you have to do is start smoking cigarettes.


2 February
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Water stories
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  Persians have a legend, whose lesson looks like it is written for all of us, centuries after their time. We have received a clear message from the past: the one who controls water,...
15 January
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  2015 – The USDA approved the sale and planting of Monsanto’s genetically engineered dicamba tolerant soybeans and cotton. Dicamba is a broad spectrum herbicide, which is absorbe...

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