The word diet derives from the Greek diaita which means life, living, lifestyle, food, residence; white the verb diaitein means to keep her alive, heal, feed and be fed.

Diet is the prescribed way of life, type of nutrition prescribed by a doctor or other professional (nutritionist, dietician), total or partial abstinence from food or certain foods due to illness, or combinations of food that a person eats.

In everyday life, the word “diet” is identified with weight loss and reduction diet. Dieting is usually used in disease to meet the caloric and nutritional needs that will help in the treatment. Nutritional diets have special characteristics that are related to the composition, quantity, consistency and digestibility.


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  Dicamba is a broad spectrum herbicide, which is absorbed through leaves and enters all parts of the plants causing disruptions of balance in hormones needed for cell division, resp...
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  Diphenylamine, DPA (CAS 122-39-4), is a substance used as antioxidant on apples, keeps them from turning brown for months when they are kept in storage. The chemical is used in USA...
Glucose syrup
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  Glucose syrup is a purified aqueous solution of nutritive saccharides obtained from edible starches having a dextrose equivalent greater than 20. It is primarily a food industry in...
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  A aspartate     aspartic acid B body fat percentage C ciguatera poisoning D dicamba     diet     diphenylamine G glucose syrup L local food M ...
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  Aspartate is the salt of aspartic acid, or aspartic acid in dissociated form. Aspartate is often involved in the active sites of proteins. The negatively charged aspartate can i...

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