19 June


2013 – Management JSC Ledo, most important Croatian ice cream producer, has decided to suspend the purchase of milk and cooperation with dairy subcontractors. The Management points out that milk from Croatian farmers was not used for ice cream production from 2007.

Data from the Croatian Competition Agency shows that Ledo was among the top five purchasers of Croatian milk in the period from 2008 to 2010, behind Dukat and Vindija, in the same rank with Meggle, Belje and Zdenka dairy product companies.

Source: index.hr


2013 – The US State Department in Washington announced this year’s World Food Prize laureates: geneticists Robert Fraley, Marc Van Montagu and Mary-Dell Chilton who will share the sum of $250,000.

The award goes to this three scientist for their role in modern plant biotechnology, creating the fundamenta for pesticide and disease resistant crops, as well as crops resistant to extreme weather conditions and the possibility of resolving world hunger by increasing yields and food availability.


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