Local food


The term “local food” (or “regional food”) is used to describe a method of food production and distribution that is geographically localized, rather than national and/or international. Food is grown (or raised) and harvested close to consumers’ homes, then distributed over much shorter distances than is common in the conventional global industrial food system.

In general, local food is associated with sustainable agriculture.

According to a British study (New Economics Foundation, 2001), the money spent on locally produced food generates almost twice the income for the local economy than the same amount of money spent in a typical supermarket. Every 10 GBP spent on the purchase of locally produced food worth 25 GBP for the local area, compared with only 14 GBP when the same amount is spent on buying food at the supermarket.

Money spent on locally produced food remains in the region where its value is increased because it is reinvested several times. Similar products purchased in the supermarket that are imported create jobs in another area, and the profits from the store are rarely reinvested locally.

Localization of food production is crucial to the local economy and for achieving social sustainability.


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