Nursing herbal tea


Commercial dehydrated nursing herbal teas mainly contain the following plants: cumin, fennel, anise, common nettle, and some may contain basil and others. You can easily prepare nursing tea using dried parts of the following plants:

2 parts of cumin
1 part fennel seeds
1 part anise seeds
(you can add common nettle)

The tea can be prepared in two ways.

First method: the herbal mixture is first crushed in a stone mortar and placed in 2 deciliter (a cup) of cold water. The mixture has to be boiled and then removed from heat. Leave it to stand for 10 minutes. The tea is used three times a day, one cup at the time.

Second method: according to another tested recipe, 4 tablespoons of the crushed mixture are mixed in one liter of boiling water (approximately four coups) and allowed to infuse in a covered pan/glass container for 10 minutes.

This nursing herbal tea can be used 4 times daily, one cup at the time. Three weeks of using the tea should be followed by one week rest.

Some plants that reduce the production of breast milk: mint, sage, pomegranate – should be avoided during lactation.


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