Sulforaphane belongs to a group of plant substances called isothiocyanates which have a high biological activity. Sulforaphane is the strongest inducer of liver detoxification enzymes and has a protective effect on healthy tissue.

The green vegetable broccoli gives the most sulforaphane, followed by kohlrabi and cauliflower. But sulforaphane as such is not present in this fresh vegetables – it only occurs when the plant is damaged or chewed. For example, the broccoli cell holds the enzyme myrosinase away from the precursor glucoraphanin. Only when the two come in contact sulforaphane develops. Plants use this biochemical reaction as a defense mechanism.

For getting the most out of sulforaphane from broccoli it is essential to chew each bite. As the amount of sulforaphane produced depends on the enzyme myrosinase activity, we will absorb the maximum of this phytochemical only if we chew well the raw plant.



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