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3 June

  2013 – The American state of Connecticut passed a legislation (134 yes, 3 against) that will have the mandatory labeling of GM foods and it’s ingredients. For the law to become active, the legislation requires that four other state in the region pass GMO labeling laws, and that their...


19 June

  2013 – Management JSC Ledo, most important Croatian ice cream producer, has decided to suspend the purchase of milk and cooperation with dairy subcontractors. The Management points out that milk from Croatian farmers was not used for ice cream production from 2007. Data from the Croatian Competition Agency shows...


20 June

  2014 – The American President signed a Presidential Memorandum that recognizes the severe losses in the populations of pollinators: during the last decades there were substantial losses of honey bees, wild bees, monarch and other types of butterflies, birds, bats and others. The President acknowledges the importance of pollinators...