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Will European countries choose the cultivation of GMO’s?

  The European laws have been somewhat effective in protection the European soil from the invasion of patented transgenic crops. The ban on cultivation was introduced in 1998, but in 2004 the European Commission approved for cultivation the first GM crop, that is Monsanto’s MON810 corn, which is now grown...


MON 810

  Mon810 is a variety of genetically modified corn developed by Monsanto Corporation, marketed under the name YieldGard. It contains a gene from the bacterium Bacillus thuringiensis that expresses Bt toxin with toxic effects on insects of the order Lepidoptera. It is permitted for use in the EU in 1998...


France: Court overturned the ban on GMO’s!

  2 August 2013. Paris – France’s highest court overturned the ban on the cultivation of genetically modified corn produced by the American multinational company Monsanto on the grounds that the ban was allowed only if farming brings a “high risk”, according to France24. France banned the cultivation of maize...