Water stories


Persians have a legend, whose lesson looks like it is written for all of us, centuries after their time. We have received a clear message from the past: the one who controls water, will control all of us.


The Persian legend of water

One wise man predicted that the time will come when all the water, except the one collected, would disappear. Instead of it, another kind of water would appear, but anyone who would drink it, would go crazy.

Only one man took the prophecy seriously and began collecting water. And then, the outspoken day came, when all the sources dried up. The man who listened to the prophecy, drank water he collected.


Suddenly all the reservoirs were filled with new water, thirsty people drank it and everyone went crazy.

The man who listened to the prophecy drank only water from his reserves and kept his mind. He was the only reasonable among the insane, but the insane declared him a lunatic.

At the end the reasonable man poured his water reserves on the ground, and took the new water. Thus he deprived himself of reason. And the lunatics concluded that he acquired sense.

Recently I came across a very similar story, this time the tale was about a wise king, but the lesson remains the same.


Next sorry borders with insanity….


King’s water

One king was known for his wisdom, and every day grateful people gave him gifts in sign of gratitude. The king’s birthday was celebrated throughout the kingdom.

And then tragedy struck: drinking contaminated water from the towns well, all people become crazy. Only the king, who continued to drink from his own well was spared.

Shortly after mad citizens began to talk about the king’s “strange behavior”, that the king’s conclusions were insane and his wisdom was false. Many believed that the king went insane. The king’s famous popularity disappeared.

And then one day, the desperate lonely king went to the city and deliberately drunk water from the city well.

That evening a big celebration was held to mark the event since the king “came to his senses.”


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